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What We Do

International Student Recruitment

Calistudies is a study abroad agency located in Stockholm, Sweden. We provide full professional and high-quality recruitment services of Swedish students to schools across America.

Online Community

Calistudies online community enables schools and students to connect with each other. We make students feel comfortable and safe by connecting them with others and provide them with free information about studying in the states. We invite the schools and give the students the ability to find travel mates, housing and get inspiration. We offer a forum and a marketplace where students can buy and sell textbooks, find roommates and much more. We make dreams come true in the way an agency should be.

Successful student recruitment using 4 steps

Attract international students

Calistudies create awareness of the school and your offerings by building a stunning school presentation and publish it to our website. We attract potential students using the latest online marketing technologies.

Access the online community and connect directly with potential students using the school’s membership account. Build strong relationships and brand within the Swedish market.

Calistudies acts as a professional study abroad agency and offer full international student recruitment service. We provide students with advising, full application and visa support.

Popular schools begin with happy students. International students chose the same schools as their friends and siblings does and the online community offers great possibilities to spread the word.

Some of our Partner Schools

Did you know?

1. Sweden has one of the world’s best government funding support. The grants and loans are accessible to all citizens and most of the time it covers full tuition.

2. Studying in the USA is Sweden’s number #1 choice abroad!

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Mathias Brorell

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